WVC 2024 Gives a Future Glimpse of Veterinary Education 

If you missed the WVC, click on the link to hear from Allison Spengler Foster on her experience…

Innovation at the KC Animal Health Corridor 2023 

Veterinary Innovation abounds at the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. Learn about their recent summit and who won the Startup Pitch Contest.

The Future Revealed at the Western Veterinary Conference 

Check out how the Western Veterinary Conference 2023 is poised to lead the profession into Gamification of Veterinary Education, and more!

The Future of Contact Lenses 

As a veterinary futurist, here are my predictions regarding contact lenses… Regardless of vision status, virtually everyone will learn to wear contact lenses.  It will be a step up from earbuds plus wristwatch, but a step down from electrodes implanted in your brain. By then, nanotechnology will allow incorporation into the lenses of both microprocessors […]

The Future of the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship 

I suggest all veterinary state boards recognize a secondary “TCPR” (Televeterinary Client Patient Relationship).

NLP = Natural Language Processing AI has been mastered 

Check out this link to see an incredible video describing recent progress in Artificial Intelligence’s ability to describe or create pictures, as well as taste, smell, and decide the fate of humans.

Subtle facial emotions in a baby with only artificial intelligence 

Click the link to see amazing facial expressions controlled by AI in a fake baby

Musical Artificial Intelligence 

When machine intelligence achieves super-intelligence at the AI Singularity, we will look back at moments like this and realize how we gave the machines control over most human decisions.

Veterinarians are already using artificial intelligence 

Learn How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Veterinary Industry.