DVM360 Magazine Looks to the Future 

Recently DVM360 Magazine distributed a booklet titled, “Leading vet med into the future.”
(Very cute; instead of “Forecasts and Predictions,” they called them, “Forecats and Predogtions”)
They asked several Veterinary “Forward Thinkers” for their future predictions.
Click the link to see the predictions…

Animal Robots existing as of April 2017 

Click on the link to see a list of 20 robots that exist now that imitate animals.
Also see the most athletic humanoid robot yet.

Evolving the Connected Home 

How “connected” is your home or practice? I am enjoying the steady realization of futuristic predictions. Click to read the post online.

Hi, I’m a Robot Here to Help You 

It is one thing to predict the future and quite another to personally see it evolving before your eyes. This robot I met was very basic but the point is that the first robots are now actually beginning to serve the public in their day to day lives.

Veterinary Receptionist Likely First Job Replaced by Robots 

Meet Sophia your new Vet Reception Robot. Once programmed correctly, she never makes mistakes, misses work, or pilfers. You really should watch this video.

Computer interface can now autonomously teach a dog to Sit 

Some researchers at North Carolina State University (including my friend Dr. Barbara Sherman) have invented a vest for a dog that monitors body position. When the computer gives the instruction, “Sit” it rewards the dog with a treat from a nearby dispenser for correct movement toward the desired body position.  Anyone working in dog behavior […]

Converting Reality into Virtual Reality 

I was delighted to learn about this new 360 capture camera. When prices come down, I’ll suggest using these to capture what the (Separation Anxiety) dog does everywhere in the room while the folks are gone. Check out this post!

Hi Tech alternative to rectal temperature may be coming 

Considering the lifelong negative impact on mental health, do physically healthy cats and puppies (during their critical fear imprint period) really need a temp taken at every visit…Here is a new chip that might save the day!

Drone Pictures that didn’t make it into the DVM360 Article 

A previous post, “Veterinary Drones” (here at Veterinary Future Society) was the germ for a full article that was just published in the current (June 2016) issue of DVM360.  That article is also available online at this link: The Future of Veterinary Medicine: Drones in veterinary practice If the link above does not work, paste this into your browser: http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/future-veterinary-medicine-drones-veterinary-practice […]