WVC 2024 Gives a Future Glimpse of Veterinary Education

A note from our VFS Executive Director…

The 2024 Western Veterinary Conference broke new ground this week with its “Where Art Meets Science” seminars. These events brought together art and veterinary science as an example of the Western Veterinary Conference’s goal of evolving the educational experience.

One aspect of the futuristic approach showcased the blending of veterinary science with art. Attendees were treated to painting sessions that complemented anatomy lessons, game-based learning, and 3D printing demonstrations.

Some of the standout sessions included:

  • Ticks: There’s a Lot to DRAW Out:  This session, sponsored by Merck and led by Ryan De Voe (Veterinarian at The Walt Disney Company) combined tick education with art, offering a fresh perspective on tick risk.
  • Glass-Blowing Your Mind: Integrating Tick Prevention into Your Practice:  Sponsored by BI, this session not only provided tick education but also featured a live artisan glassblower to elevate the learning experience.
  • Blood Films: What Clinical Pictures Do They Paint?  Sponsored by IDEXX and facilitated by C. Guillermo Couto, this session offered an artistic lens through which to view blood film cytology and cytograms, enhancing clinical diagnosis.
  • This Clinic’s On Fire:  A game-based workshop on practice management designed to resolve common veterinary clinic challenges with gamification.
  • 3-D Printing in Veterinary Medicine:  A session on future applications of 3D printing in animal care, such as printing surgical instruments.

These sessions illustrate the futuristic, forward-thinking approach to education led by Viticus Group Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anthony Pease. The Viticus Group and WVC are positioning themselves to lead the future of veterinary education.

More at:  Viticus Group WVC

Allison Spengler Foster
Executive Director
Veterinary Future Society

Turning blood cytograms into art for the morphology to sink in.
(*credit photo from IDEXX and Casey Etter)



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