Goals of the “Veterinary Future Society”…

PIC cat wearing future collar
  1. Identify and research new trends and innovations to help guide the future of Veterinary Profession in the most ethical and efficient way possible.
  2. Present each VFS member with opportunities to beta test, and where desired, purchase or assist new products entering the marketplace. (Focus group function.)
  3. Make available to Society Members, investment opportunities in companies that may play a significant role in the future of the profession.
  4. Individual members are encouraged to become involved in local, state, or national veterinary or partisan politics to help influence the future of the veterinary profession in a positive way.

Examples of Topics for the Veterinary Future Society

PIC Futuristic City
  • 3D Printing In Veterinary Medicine
  • Animal Laws and Politics
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Being Human
  • Climate Change Impact on Animal Biodiversity
  • Genetic Engineering In Veterinary Medicine
  • Organized Veterinary Medicine
  • Pheromones In Veterinary Practice
  • Protein Food for the Growing Human Population
  • Public Health and Security
  • Robotics of Interest
  • Role of Zoos, Marine and Wild Animal Parks
  • Transportation of Veterinary Personnel
  • Veterinary Computing and Information Mngt.
  • Veterinary Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Veterinary Education
  • Veterinary Marketing and Income
  • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
  • Virtual Reality
  • Wearable Tech (Both Animal and Vet Staff)

Group Discussion

PIC of future dog house
View our group discussion made up of individuals interested in the future of Veterinary Medicine and topics related to animals and the people who care for them.
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