NLP = Natural Language Processing AI has been mastered

Digital Mind Avatar

Human communication with a company’s robot phone tree has improved over the years, but this video is a chance to peer into the future when a significant portion of veterinary related (and all other) communication will convert to conversations with machine intelligence.

In this video the person is interviewing a digital mind in real time.  The screen image is a 2-D avatar.  The news is the level of sophistication of this digital mind, all generated by machine artificial intelligence.  This level of machine understanding can interpret a picture or a video.  We already have veterinary AI X-ray and Ultrasound evaluation.  Learn about AI’s new abilities to taste (through a digital finger), and even smell (better than dogs).  The visual artwork being created by digital minds is described as “AI Dreaming.”

Most important is the video section at 10 through 12 minutes in. “The Alignment Problem” describes the risk to human existence and the need for a value loading paradigm.  Over the last 7 years I have developed a veterinary digital mind “PetTelligence” designed to add pet mental health services to any small animal veterinary practice.  We have applied for an implementation research grant from the National Science Foundation.  Contact me ( if your practice would like to participate in either project.


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