Steve Wozniak: In the future, robots will keep humans as pets

This is interesting.  Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, said in a recent interview that with the growth of AI, eventually, machines will keep humans as pets.

This brings up the fundamental question of control.  My car won’t let me drive over a certain speed without locking the doors.  It is not under my control.   Recently the same car would not allow me to lock the door because I had left my keys inside.  In this case there is an over-ride where it I try to lock the door 3x in a row, it will allow me to lock the keys inside, however it will never allow me to lock the keys in the trunk. (Smart) This is only the beginning, but is evidence that machines can control humans, even though all of the examples above were programmed by humans for humans, and I really like all these features.

If Artificial Intelligence (“The Machine” instead of “The Man”) becomes able to learn on its own, then logically that would evolve more quickly than humans can evolve, and phrase, “the human race” takes on new meaning.

The really interesting question is if machines keep humans as pets, with they also keep “working humans” to do the work they don’t want to do?


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