Proposed Global Guidelines for Televeterinary Practice

Here is your opportunity to contribute to the Future of Veterinary Medicine. This post is opening a discussion thread for developing “Proposed Global Guidelines for Televeterinary Practice.”  The logic behind this proposal is explained in this article from “Veterinary Practice News.”

At the 2018 Veterinary Innovation Summit, speaker Bob Lester, DVM advised, “Lead or be led.” This discussion thread is a way for veterinary professionals (or any interested party) to discuss then suggest to regulatory agencies how to regulate the remote application of veterinary knowledge, or “Televeterinary Practice.”

The Veterinary Future Society is forming a “Televeterinary Task Force” to formulate guidelines to distribute to any veterinary regulatory group. Here is a link to the “Work in Progress.” Go there to give specific edits, or use the box at the bottom of this post to share your thoughts in general. If willing to join the Task Force contact me directly at



The Article in Veterinary Practice News Describing this Project

Current Draft of the Guidelines


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One thought on “Proposed Global Guidelines for Televeterinary Practice

  • We are on the cusp of an exciting new era in veterinary medicine: having an opportunity for vets to reach clients and clients to reach vets that are suitable matches for one another crossing geographic boundaries is certainly a break-through.

    The challenge is protecting the public – that is the reason examining boards exist. The examining boards are not there to protect veterinarians, but to protect the public – pet and other animal owners, the animals., and public health.

    How can we have outstanding veterinary care while being certain the animals and public safety are upheld is the barrier.

    With the collective thoughts we can share here, we can make this work.

    If we as a veterinary community don’t move forward with this, others will.

    As veterinarians we have given too much away – equine dentistry (floating teeth), artificial inseminations – bovine and canine, hoof trimming in cattle, dairy farms using employees instead of graduate and licensed veterinarians – it is clear we need to establish who and how this can work.

    Now if the time to step up and find a way for this to remain in our domain. WE need to keep control of the conversation. Step up now and share your thoughts with others in the profession – the VFS, AVMA, AAVSB and your legislators.

    Reply with your thoughts and feelings.

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