The WHO warns of an approaching, “Post Antibiotic Era”

In Veterinary Medicine Today, we tend to become a little blase about bacterial infections. Once in a while it is necessary to do a culture and sensitivity, but MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is still pretty rare in animals, but increasing. The WHO warns of an approaching, “Post Antibiotic Era.” Further, MRSA appears to be a zoonosis, so it is also and increasing risk to vet staff.

One story is about a woman who fought MRSA for 7 years (!) and then was told she was going to die from it. It turns out she had developed 3 STRAINS of MRSA.

In human and Veterinary Medicine Tomorrow, it looks like we have hope in the form of [bacteriophage therapy]. The strategy is that these “friendly viruses” can be created, then pointed at specific bacteria and turned loose to destroy them. These are now being used in Europe.

It is unknown if the US drug companies are dragging the process, but smart ones would lead the production to market. If someone you know has MRSA they can get help at


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