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Hi all,

Let’s all agree: No one knows the future.

The idea behind a Veterinary Futurist Society, is to share information about new products, services, or ideas that in some way relate to animals or veterinary medicine.  Then (for fun) postulate where that trend might lead in the future.

Exactly how this group evolves is open for discussion.  My thoughts are:

  1. There is no financial cost (dues) unless something changes and we all decide differently.
  2. There is no obligation to post or even read the posts.
  3. It should be fun and interesting to keep each other up on the leading edge, then peer into the future possibilities.
  4. Individuals might declare a special interest, and the rest of us will funnel related ideas to that person.
  5. If that happened, individual members of the VFS might become authorities on a given subject, and consult, write or speak.
  6. That might lead to positive changes the help the profession, and eventually save the world!  🙂

When the VFS was formed, (11-08-14), I gave a lecture based on an article I had previously published. (attached).  Anyone is invited to comment, or expand on any of those ideas.

Or, when you see something interesting that seems in any way cutting edge or futurist, just forward to VFS a link with comments to the group, so we can all enjoy seeing how things unfold over time.

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Download: Veterinary Medicine – Today and Tomorrow

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