Musical Artificial Intelligence

This week on Memorial Day 2022, Susan and I attended a service to remember our fallen warriors.  The event was excellent, but the highlight for me was the bugler playing “Taps.”  It was the most moving, musical, and emotional solo brass music I have ever heard.  After the service, I tracked down the musician to give my appreciation.  She quickly disclosed that she doesn’t play bugle, but instead it was a machine hidden inside an actual bugle.  She told me this machine is now becoming the norm, because finding a human for every service, capable of this quality performance with 100% accuracy is impossible.  My emotions went from musical appreciation, to disappointment, to amazement, to alarm (no more musicians?), to realization of AI progression.

In a previous Veterinary Future Society post I discussed the AI Singularity and the way the machines are gradually surpassing humans in memory, calculations, chess, speech recognition, and more.  Now its music performance.  Check out that post, and join those of us preparing for the AI Singularity.

The “musician” didn’t know who recorded the music but it would not be difficult to start with an existing melody like “Taps” then have the machine poll humans to determine what version evokes the maximum emotional response (like mine!).  Soon, machine intelligence will be able to generate original compositions that will overtake what any human composer can do, exactly because of the machine’s ability to simultaneously poll and process an unlimited number of willing humans who will give feedback.  We are teaching machines to decipher and control human emotions.  Humans make decisions primarily by emotion.


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Device Hidden Inside the Horn

Musical Artificial Intelligence Device Visible

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