Educating the Next Generation of Veterinarians

I recently looked over my notes of last year’s Veterinary Innovation Summit in Texas. It included a panel of veterinary school deans: Jim Lloyd (FL), Rustin Moore (OH), Michael Larimore (CA), and Eleanor Green (TX). The panel discussion was titled, “Educating the Next Generation of Veterinarians.”

Talk about innovation!  Here are some of the veterinary education ideas they are working on…

  1. Synthetic Cadavers for Surgical Training
  2. Augmented Reality Smart Classes distributed for next-level continuing education
  3. A Post-DVM Masters in Engineering to promote invention of veterinary devices
  4. “Microcredentialing” – instead becoming “Boarded in Dermatology” how about “Credentialed in Atopy”
  5. Veterinary Education linked to Veterinary Economic Drivers
  6. Offering a Vet School Education Track in “Innovation”
  7. Veterinary Students as paid reviewers and contributors to veterinary education
  8. Encouraging Public-Private Partnerships, including involving vet education
  9. Competency-Based Education – Instead of “4 years” use “Passing the competency test” as the commitment

I loved it! Can’t wait for the 2019 Veterinary Innovation Summit.


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