How Covid-19 has moved the future forward

No one expected Covid-19, and it has caused significant misery and death.  But it also has moved forward teleconsulting, online meetings, and virtual education.

This week I am presenting at the “Technology, Mind, and Society” virtual conference, sponsored by the American Psychological Association.  The idea is that all pet behavior consultations should include a measurement of human happiness with that pet.  Because this expands into human mental health, my televeterinary practice,, has now partnered with a psychiatrist, Joby Morrow, MD, and we are presenting on our new “One-Health Mental Wellness Practice.”  (One-Health is code for collaboration between an MD and DVM.)


The Digital Animal Summit is coming!

When considering the future of veterinary practice, one of my favorite meetings is the Digital Animal Summit.  As a supporter, they allowed me to give VFS members an 85% discount code for registration:  DASSUPPORTER85

If attending, be sure to take in “How Tomorrow Will Work” by Umair Khan.  Umair is a PhD professor at UC Berkeley who is steeped in the Silicon Valley startup world and has a special interest in animals.  He is one of the founders of the Digital Animal Summit, along with Adnan Lawai, who is an expert in digital start-up business.  If you have an idea for a digital animal start-up, first talk to Muhammad Abdullah who manages software development for Folio3, the sponsor of the DAS.


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