How Veterinarians Can Save the World at the AI Singularity

Some of the most intelligent humans on the planet have given public warnings about the danger to humanity in the coming transition to the Machine Intelligence Era. (When machines become more intelligent than humans.) View this TED-talk to understand the future AI threat and benefits.

Here is how I propose veterinarians save the world:
Use dogs as a model for a Safe Artificial Intelligence Paradigm.

Dogs have the closest social structure to humans so we can potentially generate an “Artificial Intelligence Value Loading Paradigm” where we instruct future artificial/machine intelligence on how to optimize life for all dogs. This includes a ban on annihilation and defines values for the best possible quality of life for all dogs on earth. This would offer dog owners options on education, nutrition, exercise, socialization, play, work, sports, collaboration and even solve over-population. This AI Value Loading for dogs would test solutions to problems that we should consider before developing the more complex Safe AI Value Loading Paradigm for Humans.

This might be easier to see in 2020.  Contact me if you want to participate in the development of this paradigm, starting with how to distribute global televeterinary intelligence.


Nick Bostrom giving a great Ted Talk describing the Machine Intelligence Era and its risks (link above).

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