Computer interface can now autonomously teach a dog to Sit

Some researchers at North Carolina State University (including my friend Dr. Barbara Sherman) have invented a vest for a dog that monitors body position. When the computer gives the instruction, “Sit” it rewards the dog with a treat from a nearby dispenser for correct movement toward the desired body position.  Anyone working in dog behavior will tell you that a Sitting dog is a Good dog.  A sitting dog is not jumping, threatening, stealing, escaping, or any other dirty deed.

This dog is wearing the NC State computer-assisted training system vest.

This example is somewhat an oddity because the field is in its infancy. However, as artificial intelligence and robotic use increases in our lives, the future plan is to teach dogs complex concepts needed in service and working dogs.

I read about a different vest where the dog can be taught to pull a tag at a certain location on the vest that can text messages such as, “Found a possible bomb” or another tag might send GPS coordinates along with the text, “May have found the lost hiker!” Then a drone goes to see what the dog found. 🙂


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