Converting Reality into Virtual Reality

In a previous post I described my Gear VR headset and how much I like to use it in my chair at home to “visit” a city square in Budapest or the Louvre courtyard in Paris. Now there is a camera for everyone to capture everything. The Samsung Gear 360. (Only compatible with certain Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.)

I once gave a lecture predicting the future where I described setting down a camera on a tripod and having it capture the entire experience in 360. For me there is a real beach spot in Cabo that I love, and I was describing that scene in my article and how I, “saved it.”

In my futuristic fantasy description the camera spun capturing everything.  I was wrong. That camera has arrived in the real world as the Gear 360 and this version does not spin.  It has two fixed super-wide-angle lenses that capture everything. You can set it down and control it remotely from your smart phone, including previewing captured content to keep or toss. It even has a 5-second delay option so you can see what it is about to record (still or video) and reposition to get exactly the angle you want. Then (I read in the description) you use software to link the images, then put on the Gear VR headset, and relive the situation as often as desired, then delete or just store in your cloud and move on.

Does anyone reading this have any experience with this Gear 360 camera?  If so, contact me because unless I hear something negative…I want one before my trip back to Cabo next year!


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Here is the side view showing the two super wide angle lenses.

Here is the Camera on its tripod, shown from a side view showing the two super wide angle lenses.


Here is the GearVR headset. Only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

Here is the GearVR headset I own. NOTE: Only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.


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