Evolving the Connected Home

Today I connected my Google Calendar to my Echo device, using my wife’s Amazon Prime Account.  I was impressed they allowed me this cross company, and cross-account connectivity. We only pay for one Prime Account which we LOVE.

I use our Echo constantly. (“Alexa, what’s the weather today?” – “Alexa, tell a joke!” – “Alexa, put paper towels on the shopping list.” – “Alexa, play some Beatles.” – “Alexa, did the Lakers lose again?”)

Today I also received a shipment from Amazon that contained my first Dash Button. One press orders a particular protein bar I reorder frequently. I found several things interesting about the Dash Button setup:

  1. It used my cell phone to register itself, not a computer.
  2. Instructed, “Press and Hold” it found my WiFi signal.
  3. The built-in button battery never(?) needs recharging or replacement.
  4. Then it requested I turn on my phone’s Bluetooth.
  5. It asked for my WiFi password, then stored it so future button setup will be quicker.
  6. It introduced me to “Amazon Coins” which I suspect will eventually challenge Bitcoin.

Today my house became more connected. If anyone has comments or good examples of a Connected Veterinary Practice, please post below or Login.


Dash Button (for size) next to our Echo on an End Table

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