“Animal-computer interaction” – a dog touches one part of her vest to send a text message

What if dog’s could communicate in human language?  We know dogs communicate via body language and some rudimentary vocalization.  Researchers have now developed a VEST (canine wearable tech!) that dogs can wear that allows them to communicate in English with a human. The dog is trained when s/he wants to say THIS, then pull this tab on the vest.  The current primary use is for the disabled. For example if the disabled person is unconscious, the dog may want to go for help and needs to communicate, “follow me”.  This becomes possible when the dog goes and gets a person’s attention, then pulls the tab that plays a recording, or exhibits a text message, “EMERGENCY: My handler needs you to come with me!”  Other potential uses:

  • A seeing eye dog could signal to the person what TYPE of obstacle is up next.
  • A cancer, bomb or drug sniffer could sent a message of what TYPE of material was found.
  • A search and rescue dog might find someone in the wilderness and pull the correct tab to text the GPS coordinates to the rescue team.

Here is a link to an overview and video from the inventor of the vest.  http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/08/17/researchers-make-vest-that-gives-service-dogs-voice.html

What’s next?  Instead of pulling a tab, how about a multi-part touchpad the dog can learn to tap or swipe with her nose?

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