Veterinary Orthopedic 3D Printing 

There seems to be a very good argument for 3D printing right now in Veterinary Orthopedics.  Vet Schools are leading the way as they should!   Dr. Judith A. Hudson, a radiology professor at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine used 3D printing to create a life size skeletal model of a dog.  Here is a picture of […]

Comparing Puppy and Robot Self-Awareness 

One month ago today, a robot finally passed the “King’s Wise Men Self-Awareness Test” intended to test artificial intelligence.  There are many measurements of self-awareness and some apply to animals as well as machines.  For example, newborn puppies exhibit no evidence of self-awareness during the first 3 weeks of life.  Like robots they move to […]

Soon Your Tech Will Talk to You Through Your Skin 

Up until now, the “Vibration” function of a cell phone has been pretty basic; i.e. your phone ringer is off, but if it’s in your pocket or otherwise touching you, you can feel it vibrate.  If it’s on a table you can hear the buzz.   The new frontier is, “communicate information through people’s skin,” […]

Virtual Reality is Directly in Front. Below, Above, and Behind You – TODAY! 

Sweet.  My son and 14 yr old grandson are very tech savvy, but I scooped them this time. When they tried my (first ever) Virtual Reality Headset (Samsung VR Gear) that uses my Samsung S6 phone as its engine, they each just kept saying, “Wow, I want this!”  The phone clips into the headset, and […]